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Sightings 2020

Welcome to the Hertfordshire & Middlesex Branch sightings page for butterfly and moth news from around the area

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Please email Peter Clarke (peter.clarke4@ntlworld.com) to send in your news.

Please include grid reference (6 digits preferred but 4 digits will do) or post code for your sightings. Grid reference can be obtained here. Most, if not all, sightings listed here with sufficient detail given, will be added to the branch database but see note below.

You can use the iRecord app to submit your records. Alternatively, you can enter your records using a spreadsheet which can be downloaded here for butterflies or moths. More details can be found on the General Recording page for butterflies and Moth pages for moths.

NOTE: To avoid any duplication, if you are submitting records to the Branch Recorder (Andrew Wood) and also have any of them listed on the sightings page please let Andrew know.

Photos are welcome and a selection will be posted on this webpage but please keep these to a reasonably small size. Provide a link if your photo is on an external application like Flickr. Alternatively post your photo on Facebook.


Date Description Recorder
21 Jan Red Admiral enjoying the sunshine at the Warren, Bengeo, this afternoon Chris Benton
18 Jan Red Admiral in Bushey front garden this morning David Gower
17 Jan Amazed to see a Red Admiral flying around in Gordon Road on my walk to Bounds Green tube at 11.30 this morning, it felt far too cold to be seeing this Miles Attenborough
16 Jan Red Admiral, 1st butterfly of year, in Bengeo garden Simon Knott
15 Jan My neighbour reported a Red Admiral sighting in her Ware garden during a moment of sunshine (Liz Goodyear)
10 Jan I saw a beautiful Peacock whilst out walking in Stocking Pelham Andy Brown
10 Jan Just found a Large White in Watford in a rose bed! Some of the roses are still in flower! Ian Bennell
9 Jan Bruce Carson recorded Alexandra Palace's first butterfly of the year, a rather tatty Red Admiral. The butterfly was in the Blandford Hall area of the park (Photo: Bruce Carson)

Red Admiral Alexandra Park 9 Jan
(Gerry Rawcliffe)
9 Jan Small Tortoiseshell in field behind my house in Tring

Small Tortoiseshell Tring 9 Jan
Nick Bowles
8 Jan I never thought my first 2020 butterfly would be a male Holly Blue, but I spotted it beneath a big ivy hedge in Bengeo, it flew several times for short distances. There is a short video on the branch Facebook page

Holly Blue Bengeo 8 Jan
Andrew Wood
7 Jan Comma from my Stevenage moth trap Ben Sale
4 Jan My earliest ever sighting and it so lifts the heart. A Peacock fluttering past my window in Northchurch before landing on a house over the Road, I can be sure of the ID as I took a close look. It is likely it was disturbed by a neighbour taking stuff to the dump, but still, a free flying butterfly in the sunshine, lovely Sue Taylor
3 Jan I saw a Peacock at Long Deans NR, resting on a log in the sun. My first butterfly of the year! Jenny Sherwen

First sightings 2020
Peacock3 Jan
Comma7 Jan
Holly Blue8 Jan
Small Tortoiseshell9 Jan
Red Admiral9 Jan
Large White10 Jan
For more details see Branch first and last sightings page

First sightings 2019
Peacock8 Jan
Red Admiral18 Jan
Comma28 Jan
Brimstone14 Feb
Small Tortoiseshell14 Feb
Painted Lady23-Feb
Small White25 Feb
Holly Blue27 Feb
Camberwell Beauty9 Mar
Large White21 Mar
Orange-tip24 Mar
Speckled Wood24 Mar
Green-veined White29 Mar
Small Heath15 Apr
Small Copper20 Apr
Green Hairstreak21 Apr
Grizzled Skipper21 Apr
Dingy Skipper21 Apr
Small Blue30 Apr
Brown Argus30 Apr
Common Blue1 May
Large Skipper20 May
Meadow Brown30 May
Purple Hairstreak1 Jun
Small Skipper3 Jun
White-letter Hairstreak8 Jun
Marbled White14 Jun
Ringlet16 Jun
Dark Green Fritillary16 Jun
Essex Skipper17 Jun
Purple Emperor22 Jun
White Admiral23 Jun
Gatekeeper24 Jun
Silver-washed Fritillary27 Jun
Chalkhill Blue2 Jul
Brown Hairstreak28 Jul
Clouded Yellow29 Jul
Queen of Spain Fritillary20 Aug
Adonis Blue20 Aug
For more details see Branch first and last sightings page
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