23 Jul 2024

Brown Hairstreak. Pristine Brown Hairstreak at Northwick Park this evening. [Posted by Rohan Harris]

Photo © Rohan Harris

22 Jul 2024

Silver-washed Fritillaries in Symonshyde Great Wood. Five SWF today, all males. Four of them very docile and nectaring on bramble, just one patrolling on territory. Fresh flush of Speckled Wood enjoying the cool cloudy conditions [Posted by Malcolm Hull]

SWF @ Symonshyde
Photo © Malcolm Hull

Least Carpet & Riband Wave at Southgate. 2 Least Carpet & 1 Riband Wave at ASDA Southgate this morning. [Posted by Robert Mark Callf]

21 Jul 2024

Silver Washed Fritillary f. Valezina. Spotted this absolute beauty outside of Danemead HMWT after initially dismissing her up in a tree as a very large Speckled Wood, thank goodness I listened to that little inner voice of doubt and investigated into the brambles. Still photographs (especially mine) don't do this butterfly any justice whatsoever because as she moves about in the late sunlight she ripples with rich iridescent colours, absolutely stunning to witness. After enchanting me for several minutes the spectacle ended abruptly, seems I wasn't her only admirer and soon I had two other regular SWFs on the same patch bramble blossom, which of course only resulted in butterfly chaos. [Posted by Nathan Ellis]

Photo © Nathan Ellis
Photo © Nathan Ellis
Photo © Nathan Ellis

Chalk Hill Blues at Hexton Chalk Pit. 20 plus Chalk Hill Blues in warm but cloudy conditions. Lots of Gatekeepers too 50 plus, Ringlets 10 plus as well as a few Marbled Whites. [Posted by Sam Fuller]

20 Jul 2024

Immature lepidoptera on hop in Stevenage garden. On checking the hop, I discovered a Comma egg (photo taken on 15 July but egg still unhatched), a Comma larva and a Vapourer moth larva within inches of each other about 4 feet above ground. The hop is supported by a 'wigwam' structure of bamboo canes and the leaves are tightly packed. Also, an adult Vapourer (a first) turned up in my moth trap on Thursday night. [Posted by Peter Clarke]

Comma egg on hop 15Jul24
Photo © Peter Clarke
Comma larva (final instar)
Photo © Peter Clarke
Vapourer moth larva
Photo © Peter Clarke

Friends of Alexandra Park Walk. I led a local walk after a lunchtime shower; 14 people came along, we spent most of the time in the anthill meadow. We saw many Six-Spot Burnet Moths, some mating pairs among them. Otherwise there were still a couple of Marbled Whites around, Many Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns and a Purple Hairstreak fluttering about an oak on the edge of the meadow. There were a few flypasts from Whites one of which was a Green Veined. A few Small Skippers were also flitting about. [Posted by Dee Cullen]

Photo © Dee Cullen
Photo © Dee Cullen

19 Jul 2024

Silver-washed Fritillaries in Berrygrove Wood. 3 male SWFs on territory in the tiny sunny pockets within the wood. Two were hotly contesting rights to the best location, duelling ferociously Seeing me enter their space, one flew close over my head and the other straight at my eyes, veering away at the last moment - a clear case of intimidation! Elsewhere in the wood new broods of Large White (20) and Green-veined White (around50) were dominant. Just one Purple Hairstreak, they seem to be having a poor year. 12 species in all [Posted by Malcolm Hull]

Batford. 19.07.24 - Batford - 1 PURPLE EMPEROR seen for about 1 second in flight before disappearing behind hedgerow along public footpath beside KW school, Batford just north of the weedy/scrubby field. Spent another hour and a half but found nothing. [Posted by Darin Stanley]

Purple Hairstreak & Six-spot Burnet at Trent Park. 2 Purple Hairstreak settled on ash at Icehouse Wd/Trent Park this morning & 7 Six-spot Burnet at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park. [Posted by Robert Mark Callf]

18 Jul 2024

Ware garden. Having spent the last six weeks of the 'summer' on the other side of the world, I came back to a garden of butterflies with 2 Commas chasing, 1 female Brimstone nectaring on Everlasting pea, 1 Large and 1 Green-veined White, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Peacock, 1 Gatekeeper, 1 Meadow Brown and a fly past by a Marbled White - 9 species during the day! [Posted by Liz Goodyear]

Purple Emperor at Bedmond. Female Purple Emperor flitting around and perching on a young Ash within a small woodland on Bell Lane, east of Bedmond. She stayed in sight for around 30 seconds ten meters above ground level, providing excellent views. Delighted at this as I first searched this area for PE 12 years ago and several times since with no luck previously. Earlier in Potters Crouch Plantation I added Silver-washed Fritillary to last weeks haul. At lunchtime at Serge Hill I saw my first Large Skipper of the year in Herts and my first new brood Brown Argus and Peacock. 16 species in all (including 6 spot Burnet), browns are dominant, but overall numbers of butterflies now seem to be increasing [Posted by Malcolm HULL]

Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral & Speckled Wood at Trent Park. 1 Comma, 1 Peacock, 1 Red Admiral & 2 Speckled Wood along bridle-path near Merryhills Brook at Trent Park. [Posted by Robert Mark Callf]

Hertford Heath and Balls Wood. There were many butterflies out today in the hot and sunny conditions. Many Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Ringlet and Large Skipper were on the wing with Small Skipper, Peacock, Marbled White, Small Heath, Brimstone, Large White and Small White also seen on the walk. The highlights though were two Silver Washed Fritillary and one tatty White Admiral. [Posted by John Yates]

17 Jul 2024

Uxbridge Fields & Hillingdon House Farm. On a thorough check of Hillingdon House Farm and neighbouring fields, I saw 1 Speckled Wood, 2 Commas, at least 5 Small Skippers, 2 Meadow Browns, at least 6 Gatekeepers, 1 Holly Blue and 1 Green-veined White. [Posted by Matthew Milne]

Comma & Large White at Trent Park. 1 Comma at Water Grdn/Trent Park & 3 Large White near Icehouse Wd/Trent Park this morning. [Posted by Robert Mark Callf]

16 Jul 2024

Comma & Large Skipper at Trent Park. 1 Comma edge of Moat Wd/Trent Park & female Large Skipper near Shaws Wd/Trent Park this morning. [Posted by Robert Mark Callf]

15 Jul 2024

Latticed Heath & Six-spot Burnet at Trent Park. 2 Six-spot Burnet at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park [TQ287977],1 Latticed Heath near Dew Pond/Trent Park [TQ294973], 1 Comma, 1 Large White & 1 Green-veined White near Water Grdn/Trent Park. [Posted by Robert Mark Callf]

14 Jul 2024

Double-striped Pug & Garden Carpet at Southgate. 1 Double-striped Pug & 1 Garden Carpet at bus-stop shelter at Chase Road/Charter Way, N14 [TQ295951]. [Posted by Robert Mark Callf]

Feast for an Emperor. We arrived along the Lime Avenue with fingers crossed that we would at least get a sighting. Rick set the table with a suitable waft of flavours soon emanating. The weather was sunny to start with but sadly after looking up until 12.30 no sightings were seen. There seemed little point in continuing so we packed down and took the decision to look for butterflies in Whippendell Woods instead. Red Admiral, 1 Comma, Large White, Ringlets and Meadow Brown seen along the Lime Avenue. Nicola who had joined us for the Emperor search needed to take her dog home but the other two did join us for a while in Whippendell Woods. With no sightings of White Admiral it looks like they have had a bad year in Whippendell Woods compared to the last 5 years. We did see 8 fresh looking Silver-Washed Fritillary between us, 4+ Comma, 3 Gatekeeper, 1 Large Skipper, 3+ Small Skipper, 6+ Red Admiral, 1 Green-veined White, Large White and several other Whites. Ringlets and Meadow Brown. [Posted by Peter Fewell]

Photo © Peter Fewell