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Hertfordshire & Middlesex Transects

Over 60 transects were walked in Hertfordshire and Middlesex in 2017

Transects are the main method of measuring how butterfly populations change with time. The technique is simple, involving walking the same set route every week in good weather throughout the summer months, and noting down the numbers of each species seen within about 5 metres. The method is described under BUTTERFLY TRANSECT MONITORING

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The transects walked in Hertfordshire and Middlesex since 2005 are listed here. Please note that some transects have not been walked continuously since 2005

Name Grid Ref Last walked
Abney ParkTQ3368682016
Aldbury N1SP9491382018
Aldbury NowersSP9521592018
Balls WoodTL3441062018
Bardon ClumpsTL3181552017
Batford SpringsTL1451502018
Beane HillTQ1998732018
Bedfont LakesTQ0807242013
Belmont RailwayTQ1618972018
Bencroft FieldTL3300622018
Bencroft WoodTL3350652018
Birklands MeadowTL1680532005
Bishops Stortford Southern Country ParkTL4731932018
Brent ReservoirTQ2138732012
Bricket Wood CommonTL1310092018
Broxbourne West RideTL3250702018
Bunkers ParkTL0790582010
Butterfly WorldTL1270432016
Camley Street Natural ParkTQ2998342017
Clifford Road AllotmentsTQ2609672005
Colney Heath CommonTL2030572009
Cranford Park SouthTQ1017792018
Dane Farm Field, KimptonTL1531732012
Danemead Nature ReserveTL3460792018
Danesbury ParkTL2301702018
Fir and Pond WoodsTL2770062015
Fryent Country ParkTQ1958762018
Gravel HillTL2161702018
Great AshbyTL2672692014
Gunnersbury TriangleTQ2017862018
Gutteridge WoodTQ0918432018
Halsey FieldTL0420882018
Hampstead HeathTQ2708632018
Harmondsworth MoorTQ0507752016
Harpenden CommonTL1371342018
Heartwood ForestTL1631092018
Heartwood Forest 2TL1711232018
Hedgeswood Common to Hoo WoodTL0311312018
Horsenden Hill EastTQ1628432018
Horsenden Hill WestTQ1638442018
Hounslow HeathTQ1217492013
Hunsdon MeadTL4161082009
Kings LangleyTL0680392010
Knebworth WoodsTL2272272018
Lake Farm Country ParkTQ0908042018
Lakeside NRSP9221242018
Lee Valley TurnfordTL3680432017
Lemsford SpringsTL2231212018
London Zoo Car ParkTQ2838362018
London ZooTQ2818342018
Long DeansTL0730482005
Mardley HeathTL2481842018
Marshalls HeathTL1611492018
Minet Country ParkTQ1098022018
Miswell LaneSP9141172018
Nicky LineTL1161402005
Northaw Great WoodTL2800402013
Northaw Great Wood BridlewayTL2850432013
Oughtonhead CommonTL1693032009
Panshanger Park - Arable field westTL2981292017
Panshanger Park - Lady Hughes WoodTL3001252017
Panshanger Park - Rifle ButtsTL2991222017
Parkland Walk SouthTQ2898792018
Patmore HeathTL4422572018
Perivale WoodTQ1598372018
Pinn MeadowTQ0948802015
Pishiobury ParkTL4801352005
Pryor's WoodTL2652652018
Railway FieldsTQ3178812018
Regents CanalTQ3638242012
Rothamsted FarmTL1211372010
Roughdown Common (Lower)TL0480552018
Roxbourne RoughTQ1208752018
Sherrardspark (Red Lion to Reddings)TL2241402016
Sherrardspark (Reddings) - 2010 routeTL2301352016
Sherrardspark (Sixways Mid Section)TL2301342016
Sherrardspark (Templewood Vale - Muddy Bottom to Pentley Park Entrance)TL2351422015
Sherrardspark (Templewood Vale - new)TL2351432018
Sherrardspark Wood - SeftonTL2281382016
Shrubhill CommonTL0360722018
Smallford LakeTL1940712009
St James Park/Green ParkTQ2957982018
Stockers Lake 2012TQ0459352018
The WarrenTL2040532017
Therfield Heath (Base of Church Hill)TL3333952018
Therfield Heath (Church Hill)TL3333962018
Therfield Heath (Lankester Hill)TL3534042018
Therfield Heath (Rifle Range)TL3484012018
Therfield Heath (Top of Rifle Range)TL3493982018
Thorley WashTL4891812017
Tottenham Wildmarsh WestTQ3519052015
Totteridge FieldsTQ2229402018
Tower Hamlets Cemetery ParkTQ3668232018
Trent Park Country ParkTQ2859652017
Tring Park (9 sections)SP9271002018
Walpole ParkTQ1738022018
Ware ParkTL3471432018
Waterford Heath NorthTL3151522018
Waterford Heath SouthTL3171492018
Wingrave RoadSP9261272012
Wolf FieldsTQ1287862017
Wood Lane PirtonTQ1433122018


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