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Butterfly Identification photos

This page provides links to photos of all our butterflies in the UK to aid identification and illustrate examples of behaviour, aberrations and the immature stages. There are many, many gaps to fill so if you are willing to share some of your photos please let us know.

Links are given for European butterflies and British moths as well.
Most original photos will be retained in the Photo Stock Library. All photos are the copyright of the named photographer.

Click on butterfly image to load photos. Click on species to load an account description (if available - highlighted in blue)]

Camberwell Beauty  2010 - Sandra Standbridge
Camberwell Beauty
Chequered Skipper 2005 - Steve Lane
Chequered Skipper

Glanville Fritillary 2004 - Adrian Webb
Glanville Fritillary
Grayling 2006 - Liz Goodyear

Heath Fritillary 2006 - Sandra Standbridge
Heath Fritillary
High Brown Fritillary 2002 - Nick Sampford
High Brown Fritillary

Large Blue 2005 - Steve Lane
Large Blue
Large Heath 2006 - Trevor Chapman
Large Heath
Large Tortoiseshell 2009 - Ian Small
Large Tortoiseshell

Long-tailed Blue 2002 - Nick Sampford
Long-tailed Blue
Lulworth Skipper 2007 - Darin Stanley
Lulworth Skipper

Marsh Fritillary 2006 - Sandra Standbridge
Marsh Fritillary
Mountain Ringlet 2005 - Nick Sampford
Mountain Ringlet
Northern Brown Argus 2006 - Steve Lane
Northern Brown Argus

Pearl-bordered Fritillary 2002 - Nick Sampford
Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Scotch Argus 2014 - Dave Miller
Scotch Argus
Silver-spotted Skipper 2004 - Sandra Standbridge
Silver-spotted Skipper
Silver-studded Blue 2013 Dave Miller
Silver-studded Blue

Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary 2006 - Sandra Standbridge
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Wood White 2007 - Darin Stanley
Wood White

Papilionidae - Swallowtails

Hesperiidae - Skippers

Pieridae - Whites and Yellows

Nymphalidae - Browns, Fritillaries and Aristocrats

Riodinidae - Metalmarks

Lycanenidae - Coppers, Hairstreaks and Blues

Photo Stock Library

British Moth photos - Index Page

European butterfly species linked on this page . . .

Papilionidae - Festoons, Swallowtails and Apollos

Hesperiidae - Skippers

Pieridae - Whites and Yellows

Nymphalidae 1 - Danainae - Monarchs

Nymphalidae 2 - Satyrinae - Browns

Nymphalidae 3 - Heliconiinae and Nymphalinae (2) (Melitaeini only) - Fritillaries

Nymphalidae 4 - Libytheidae, Charaxes, Limenitidinae and Apaturinae - including Nettle-tree, Pasha, 'White' Admirals and Emperors

Nymphalidae 5 - Nymphalinae (1) including Red Admiral, Tortoiseshells and Commas

Lycanenidae 1 - Lycaeninae - Coppers

Lycanenidae 2 - Theclinae - Hairstreaks

Lycanenidae 3 - Polyommatinae - Blues