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Butterflies and moths from around the world 

This page includes all the pictures of butterflies and moths photographed in Africa and shown on the original sightings page

Note: Photographs are accepted as being correctly identified by the named photographer or by a contributor to the website and Hertfordshire & Middlesex Branch of Butterfly Conservation accepts no responsibility for misidentification. No details of distribution or status will be given.

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?Acrea butterfly
27th October in Kirstenbosch, Cape Town
South Africa
© photo: Mark Barclay

Not having much luck so far with later Autumn butterfly sightings in NW3 - despite a profusion of flowering ivy in my garden. However, I did take this photo on 27th October in Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa of what I believe is an Acrea butterfly. Terrible photo, but you can see the deep orange colour and the outer "lace" wings - gorgeous - Mark Barclay

possibly Mylothris chloris agathina
Namibia ~ December 2004
© photo: Toby Austin

believed to be either Mimosa Sapphire
or an Hypolycaena sp
Namibia ~ December 2004
© photo: Toby Austin

believed to be Colotis euippe omphale
Namibia ~ December 2004
© photo: Toby Austin

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