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Branch Chair and Acting Treasurer

Branch Organiser, Secretary and Events Organiser

Membership Secretary and Newsletter Editor

Records Collator

Moth Contacts
  • Liz Goodyear & Andrew Wood
  • Contact details as above

Middlesex and London Contact

Sales and Promotion
  • Position vacant

European Butterflies Group Liaison
  • Roger Gibbons
  • 7 Lowlands
  • Hatfield
  • Herts, AL9 5DY
  • Tel: 01707 886677
  • Email:

Millhoppers Reserve Managers


Branch Policies

Branch Complaints Policy


Butterfly Conservation is committed to providing a high quality service. Unfortunately, despite all best intentions things can still go wrong. When this happens we need to be informed so that every effort can be made to put things right and to prevent such errors in future.

We also welcome comments or suggestions on ways to improve the current information or services we provide.

How to make a complaint

    1. In the first instance, wherever possible, the complaint should be addressed verbally to the person who initially made contact with you. It is hoped that most problems can be sorted out and the situation rectified immediately. If this is not possible a response will be sent within 7 days.
    2. If you are not happy, at this stage, with the initial response or do not feel comfortable with step 1, the complaint should be made in writing, addressed to the Branch Chairman. On receipt of a written complaint the Branch Chairman will investigate the issue thoroughly and reply with a resolution within 14 days.
    3. If you feel the complaint has still not been resolved to your satisfaction you should write to the Branch Liaison Officer, copy to Senior Administration Officer at Head Office.The Branch Liaison Officer will acknowledge your complaint, contact all Branch members concerned and initiate a formal investigation.You will be kept advised of progress at regular intervals until a satisfactory conclusion has been reached.

How Butterfly Conservation will deal with a complaint.

    1. All complaints will be given priority and handled fairly and thoroughly.
    2. Initial straightforward complaints will be dealt with by the person involved wherever possible, however, advice and/or intervention will be sought from Branch officers where needed.
    3. Written complaints addressed to the Branch Chairman will be investigated, resolved and replied to within 14 days, or sooner where possible.
    4. Serious complaints notified to the Branch Liaison Officer will require formal investigation and the complainant will receive written acknowledgement and regular updates of progress until a satisfactory conclusion has been reached.
    5. Where the Branch is found to be at fault, the issue will be rectified as soon as possible and steps put in place to ensure a similar problem does not occur in the future.

September 2004


By submitting information on a recording form or by email to the Branch Website I (the recorder named on the form or email) agree that it may be collated and disseminated manually or electronically, including via the Internet, for conservation, environmental decision-making, education, research and other public benefit uses in accordance with Butterfly Conservation's data access policy. Names and contact details of data suppliers will be used for administration and verification purposes only. Your contact details will not be passed to other parties without the consent of the data supplier, whilst your name will form part of the record that is collated and disseminated in accordance with Butterfly Conservation's privacy policy. For more details of Butterfly Conservation's Copyright statement Click here . . . .