News 2022 - Herts & Middx Butterfly Conservation

News 2022

Moths Matter: Butterfly Conservation are running a campaign to encourage nature lovers to become involved with moths. To find out more please read the leaflet here

Big Butterfly Count: a good year for the Gatekeeper and the blues - more revealed here

Death's-head Hawk-moth seen in Stevenage on 6 October - more details on sightings page

Camberwell Beauty seen in Letchworth on 7 September - more details on sightings page. Life cycle of this butterfly can be seen here

Revised RED List of Butterflies in Great Britain - read here

Large Tortoiseshell spotted in west London on 10 May

Programme of the branch butterfly and moth events for 2022 can be read here

The Members' Day 2022 presentations can be viewed here

Can you help in conserving butterflies in the Big City Butterflies project? Please register to volunteer here

Who are the winners in the 2022 online photo competition? Find out here

Online photo competition 2022 winners

Informative talk on butterfly behaviour by Roger Gibbons can now be viewed here

Butterfly Behaviour - Roger Gibbons

2021 was a poor year for butterflies in England according to the UKBMS but some threatened species did quite well. Details on the Butterfly Conservation News and Blog page

Big City Butterflies Wildflower Creation in Urban Areas talk by Steve Bolton can now be viewed here

Big City Butterflies Wildflower Meadow Creation - Steve Bolton

Butterfly Hibernation Watch - Small Tortoiseshell numbers crashed in 2021, while Peacocks are doing well. Click here to read an article by Malcolm Hull

The sightings page has been updated for changes on preferred methods of recording butterflies and moths